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Blogger Themes – How to Change ?

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Guide How to Change Blogger Themes must be Successfully installed

Blogger or Blogspot is a platform where you can create a website for free. One of the easiest service providers besides its complete features make Blogger much-loved, especially for beginners. Maybe uploading or changing the theme is easy for some people, but for some it’s the first time so they’re still confused. There are also those who already know but an error occurs when uploading the theme. To overcome this, there is a trick that can be done when replacing Blogger Themes but an error occurs so that the theme is not installed.

A blogger template is a ready-made blog design or theme. This template was created using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and several other web programming languages. All the code is interconnected with other code so that it becomes a template that is saved in .xml format. For example, I have a premium blogger template, usually the template makers or sellers will wrap the template.xml file in a zip or rar format that comes with a guide on how to use it.


Info About Blogger Themes

Tips for Choosing the Best Blogger Template

Before changing the template, make sure the blogger template you choose is good, it’s good here not only from the appearance but you need to know how to choose a good blog template in terms of speed, responsiveness, search engine friendly, easy-to-edit template settings and get updates from developers. And it also has the basic features that visitors need and that Google robots love. What are the features? here is the list of features:

  • SEO Ready
  • Ads Ready
  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Related article
  • Search form
  • Numbered page navigation
  • Using schema markup
  • Social media share button
  • Back to Top button
  • Facebook comments, optional
  • TOC (table of content), optional



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How to Replace Blogger Themes

1. Upload Themes

Changing the responsive blogger template by using the upload method will not remove the previous widgets that have been installed on the blog, while the method of copying the template code will change all previous views and widgets.

  1. First open the blogger.com dashboard, then on the left select the Theme menu.
  2. Still in the Themes menu, click the down arrow button and then select the Restore menu.
  3. There will be a popup to upload the blogger xml template, click UPLOAD.
  4. Next, look for the blogger template file in .xml format. If it is selected, just click the Open button to start uploading.
  5. Done, automatically your blogspot template has changed to a new template. Please directly visit your blog to prove it.



2. Edit HTML then Copy All Code

If an error occurs when installing the theme using the first method, you can use the second trick. Usually 100% sure to work because this method forces the Theme to be installed all at once. So if there is an error code will change itself (automatic fix).

  1. Still on the Theme menu, click the down arrow button and select the Edit HTML menu.
  2. While waiting for the Edit HTML page to load, now open the blogger xml template file using an editor application like Notepad++. If it is opened, block all the code and copy all the template code.
  3. Back again to the blogger template edit page. Block all the old blog template code and then delete it or directly overwrite it with the new blog template code.
  4. If all the codes have been pasted correctly and there are no errors, please click the Save button in the upper right corner.
  5. Done, all previous widget settings are lost and the appearance of your blog changes.

Tutorial Change Blogger Themes without Error

If there is a display that does not match you can edit it in the HTML Menu or Widget. Some themes that have an attractive appearance usually have more complicated codes, so if you upload a theme as usual, you will often get an error. It is recommended to use the second method by copying and replacing all HTML code in the theme.

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