7 Ways to Make Money on Zubr in 2022

Zubr is a place for buying and selling Crypto coins & tokens so it is called the Cryptocurrency Exchange. There you can buy, store crypto, manage, invest, staking, exchange, sell, and withdraw crypto balances to fiat money. Every month there are always various attractive promos & offers from Zubr. Especially for new users who register in December 2022 can get $25 Bonus. Get more ways to Earn Money from Zubr without investment. So don’t worry if you are not interested in Crypto, you can withdraw the bonus to a Bank Account or Digital Payment such as Paypal.

How to Earn Money from Zubr in 2022

All promotions and bonuses from Zubr are valid until the end of the month 7 December 2022.



Crypto Exchange Information

What is Crypto Exchange?

Its function is almost like a stock exchange, but what is being traded is cryptocurrency. Providing a variety of crypto-related features, there is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to choose from to start trading. Crypto Exchange provides convenience and security in managing crypto balances, besides that there are many features that can be used related to cryptocurrencies.



Cryptocurrency Exchange Functions

In general, the function of a crypto exchange is as a place to trade (buy and sell) cryptocurrencies. But apart from that there are still many useful features you can use in managing crypto balances, including:

  • Check Crypto latest Prices
  • View the history of rising and falling with graphs
  • Features Deposit fiat money with crypto
  • Swap different types of Cryptocurrencies
  • Send & Receive Cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Staking (Futures Investment)
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Withdraw to Digital Wallet/Bank Account
  • Withdraw Cryptocurrency to Fiat Money

In addition, it turns out that there is also an opportunity to earn money from Crypto Cryptocurrencies. One of them at Zubr Exchange has been proven to be able to make money or free crypto. Several ways can be done, read until the end of this post to get the information.



About Zubr Exchange

Zubr Exchange is a site that provides services for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies that have been used by millions of users from various countries. Having the best security and complete features makes it easy for users to manage their crypto balance. In addition, Zubr is already available in the form of Apps that you can download on the Playstore or AppStore so that it can be accessed via Smartphones/Tablets. Makes it easy for you to find out the latest prices and trade (buy and sell) anytime anywhere. You can also use the Help Service which is active 24 hours a day. Zubr is recommended because besides being easy, safe, and full of features. Not only crypto users who use Zubr because there are many people who don’t trade crypto but create accounts there to make money. You want to know how?



How to Earn Money from Zubr Crypto Exchange

To get money on Zubr you don’t always have to trade but still have to create an account there. Here are some ways to make money from Zubr Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Bonus Sign Up $25 on Zubr

Only new users who have never created a Zubr account can get a $25 USD Sign Up Bonus. Valid until the end of the month December 2022, the balance can be used to buy crypto or withdraw to a Bank Account/Digital Wallet. Here’s how to register Zubr to get the Bonus:

Sign Up on Zubr & Get Bonus $25 in December 2022

  1. Click the link containing the Referral Code
  2. Register using Email and Mobile Number
  3. Fill in your personal data according to your valid identity
  4. Verify Email and SMS
  5. KYC Verification using Identity Card / Driver’s License / Passport

Sign Up now at Zubr - Get $25

Now it is mandatory to do KYC so that the bonus balance can be withdrawn, otherwise the balance can only be used to buy crypto on the Zubr Exchange.



Trick How to earn money from Zubr Up to $100

We got this trick from crypto forums and some social media groups. Until now it is still successful and still used by many people to get $100 from Zubr. With the Refer & Get method by inviting people around you. For example, invite Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Family, or Friends to create a Zubr account. Use your referral code to get the Bonus, the prize is $25-$50 USD. This is the fastest way to get $100 Bonus from Zubr, make sure to do KYC Verification. Usually by just inviting 3 people you will get a $100 Bonus, let’s hurry before the Zubr Referral program ends.

Earn Money with Referral Program on Zubr

Your income can reach $ 75 to $ 100 if the registrant who uses your Referral Code Link trades at Zubr. Good luck getting people who really want to trade Crypto at Zubr and register using your Referral Link, try to share it on Social Media.



Complete Mission How to earn money from Zubr

Don’t miss the bonus given by Zubr every week, complete the existing quests. For example, Share, Deposit, Buy Crypto, Trade, Participate in Events, and share other Quests. The prize can be in the form of a balance in the form of USD $ or also in crypto currency. For Quest Deposit, you just top up temporarily to complete the challenge, after that you withdraw it.



New Coin Listing Event on Zubr

Often Zubr gives out prizes when new coins are listed. Usually the task requires you to buy the coin in a certain amount. After that you will get a Bonus in the form of Money, Crypto, or Voucher which can be exchanged for USDT. It’s not difficult because it’s enough to just trade and buy the coins that are instructed, then wait until the bonus confirmation comes in.



Free Balance Zubr from Apps

Not only from Zubr but you should also look for Apps or Websites that can generate Crypto. There are lots of Smartphone/Tablet Applications on the Playstore or AppStore that provide rewards in the form of Cryptocurrencies. In the Apps you complete tasks such as:

  • Click Ads
  • Watching video
  • Playing games
  • Install Apps & Games
  • Survey Contents
  • Play Roulette
  • Like, Follow & Share
  • Give Rating

Collect Rewards to exchange for Crypto such as Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum which you will later withdraw to your Zubr account. The goal is to make Zubr accounts look more active so they can have the opportunity to get Gift Vouchers. Check out how to get over 11,000+ types of Crypto.



How to earn money from Zubr with Bonus Voucher

To get the gift voucher, your Zubr account must always be active in trading. Therefore, try to always have a balance so you can participate in various Quests and Events. The goal is that you can get a big Bonus in the form of Vouchers worth $1,000 USD. When viewed on crypto forums, Zubr always gives surprise prizes in the form of Vouchers with various values ranging from $50, $100, $250, $500 to the largest of $1,000 USD. If you don’t have money to deposit, you can use the method above, look for apps that provide commissions in crypto. Then withdraw to Zubr so that there is always a balance and can participate in the Zubr Event.

Vouchers and Promos at {BURSA} in December 2022

Vouchers are very profitable for users who really want to trade on Crypto. But if not, you can sell it to other people who really need the Voucher.


See all Promos & Vouchers Zubr

Update: December 2022


Promo and Special Offers Zubr

To get it, you have to make a deposit with the balance of Zubr. Because almost all promos require you to spend money to trade on Zubr. Some promos such as:

  • Trade certain Coins get $10 USDT/BUSD bonus
  • Deposit $500 get additional Bonus $100
  • Staking get additional 5%
  • Free Deposit and Withdrawal Fee Promo

Almost all promos can be used if you make a deposit and complete the task. But a forum discusses if the Promo from Zubr can be used as money. The trick is to offer promos to other people who may be in need. Offer it at an attractive price so that it sells quickly, I’m afraid it will expire because the promo has a time limit. Example you can sell an of a $100 deposit bonus promo for $50, rather than the expired promo being unused.

Those are some ways to get money from Zubr Exchange that you can use.



Total Earnings from Crypto Exchange

Besides Zubr there are +1,200 other exchanges that can make money. From just one Crypto Exchange, you can get $ 25, of course, you will earn more if you register on more exchanges. No need to worry because there is no registration fee, everything is free, just use your Email & Mobile Number.

Total Earnings from Crypto Exchange 2022

If you look at the Cryptocurrency Forums or Groups, there are many people who make a lot of money from the Crypto Exchange. Don’t miss this opportunity because you don’t need to deposit or invest, so there’s no reason, you don’t even need to understand Crypto, it doesn’t matter because you can still make money. Suggestions should collect all income in 1 Crypto Wallet which can be withdrawn to a Bank Account or Digital Payment such as Paypal. For how, you can check below.




How to withdraw on Zubr Exchange

For those of you who are confused about how to withdraw Zubr balance, here is some important information regarding the terms and methods of withdrawal.

  • To be able to withdraw you must have KYC Verification
  • Minimum Withdraw $5
  • Withdrawal process 2-4 days for Bank Accounts and 30 minutes for Digital Wallet (Paypal)
  • Withdrawal fee of $2 (Bank Account) and $0 for Paypal

If you understand, now is the guide for withdrawing your balance on the Zubr Exchange.

  1. Login to your Zubr Exchange account
  2. Click the Wallet Menu then click Balance
  3. Select Withdraw then select Bank Account / Digital Wallet
  4. If you select Paypal, enter your Paypal Account (Email)
  5. For Bank Account Enter Name, Account Number, Bank SWIFT Code, Bank Name
  6. Determine the withdrawal amount
  7. Click Process

Done, you just have to wait until the balance comes in. It is recommended to use Paypal if you want fast and no discount fees. If the Bank Account you are using is not available at Zubr, you can use the trick below:

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