Tutorial Install Software on PC Laptop Windows

If you want to add a Program/Software to your Windows device. So it is very appropriate for you to find this article, because here we will discuss How to Install Software on Windows in detail. Suitable for beginners who have never installed software before, you can follow this guide.

How to Install Software on Windows PC Laptop Computer or Notebook

Before starting the install, you must have the game files first. If not yet, please visit the RihilSoft site, there are more than 150,000+ Software available for Windows.



Must be Prepared

Before proceeding to the installation method, you should know the Software FILE FORMAT for Computer or Laptop. Among them:

  • setup.exe
  • autorun.exe
  • name_Software.exe example: Software.exe

Usually the Software file named .exe is an executable which is usually a Software installer file.



First Step Install Software on Windows

If you find a file in ZIP or RAR format, please extract it first using Winrar. If you find an ISO file, please mount using Ultra ISO or Power ISO. Until it becomes a folder containing many files.

See picture above. After the folder appears, please look for a file with the .EXE (Application) extension. Right click then select Run Administrator. Next, you only need to I Agree > Next > Wait for the Install Process. Done, ready to play without doing anything because the game is Full Version (Not Demo | Not Trial).



Guide How to Install Software

Please first open the Software you want to install. For example here, I will install Software King of the Road.

  1. Look for the .exe file here, the file is named Software.exe
  2. Right click > then select Run as Administrator. The goal is for files to be executed immediately
  3. Next, check I agree or I accept an agreement, then click Next. If you want to read first about the Terms and Information about the Software to be installed
  4. Select the Install button, wait until the installation process is complete
  5. If there are no obstacles to 100% it means the Software has been successfully installed.

To start playing the Software, you can check on the desktop, an additional shortcut will appear later. It’s a Software that you just installed, to run it, you can click 2x (Double Click) or like before, Right Click > Run Administrator.


How to Add Software on PC Laptop Windows