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Add Module Prestashop

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2 Ways to Add Prestashop Module

One of the best Ecommerce site service providers today is Prestashop. Its complete features make the website very professional but make it easier for website owners to manage everything in it. Starting from managing Products, Orders, Stock, Shipping, to the appearance of the Store, everything is very easy. Plus there is a Module feature that makes it easy for users to add things to the store with one click. Similar to a kind of Plugins that can be used to increase the credibility of the store. How do I install it? Here is the Add Module Prestashopย guide that you can use.



How to Add Add Module Prestashop

Installation via the admin panel

Navigate to the Modules menu and click on Modules Manager. You would be redirected to the Modules management screen. Click on Upload a module to proceed with the installation. A new pop-up would appear. You may either drop the module’s .zip file in that pop-up or use the select file link to browse for that module.

How to Add Module Prestashop

Once you choose the file from your computer or drop it in the box, the installation would begin and should be completed in a few seconds. A new pop-up with Module Installed! message would appear. Your module is installed now. You may click on Configure to edit the newly installed module’s options or leave it as it is. To review and configure the currently installed modules, navigate to Modules > Module Manager > Modules.

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Installation via FTP

Again download the chosen module’s zip file to your local machine, but this time upload the .zip file to your account. Make sure to place it in the modules/ folder of your PrestaShop installation. After that extract the .zip file and login to your website’s admin panel.ย Navigate to the Modules > Module Manager. Click on Modules and find the newly uploaded module and enable it.


The second method is used if the Module has an error when installed, it is effective to directly send the module file to the Website Directory. The Module will automatically increase and you can directly install it in Prestashop. Especially if you have Premium or Pro files that you get from buying on other sites, this method can be used if the upload fails in the module menu.

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