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Skrill Account – How to Register ?

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Create Skrill Account for Personal or Business Use

The famous Payment Wallet is very flexible because it can be used on many sites as a Payment. Online commissions, online sales, up to buying various needs such as game items, domains, hosting, VPS can use Skrill. So it is very mandatory to have Skrill Account at this time as a means of payment and manage finances. Skrill can be used to receive payments, send money, store money, and many other needs.



About Skrill Account

If you’re looking for a simple, low-cost online payment service to deposit Forex, Coins or Options, Skrill is the perfect choice. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to use Skrill from creating an account, or filling in for account verification. Skrill is an e-wallet that offers fund transfer and online payment services by Paysafe Group based in London, England. Unlike Neteller, Skrill has the fastest registration procedure at the moment. Just an email address and you can sign up. The Skrill account verification method is also very simple and convenient.


Skrill Fee Information

Skrill is known to have the lowest fees on the e-wallet market today with the following fees:

Games Harvest moon Start $4,99  Games Age of Empire Start $4,99  Games Tycoon Start $4,99  The Sims Games Start $4,99  Games Minecraft Start $4,99

Mouse Wireless Gaming Start $19.99  Joystick Mousepad Wireless Start $19.99  Joystick Wireless Vibration Start $19.99  Keyboard Wireless Gaming Start $24.99  Headphone Wireless with Mircrophone Start $29.99

  • Deposit from bank account, Visa/Mastercard 1%
  • Charge from Neteller 1%
  • Withdraw funds to bank account 5.5 EUR/withdraw
  • Withdraw funds to Visa card 7.5%/withdrawal amount
  • Transfer funds 1.45%, min. 0.43 GPB
  • 3.99% currency conversion


How to make Skrill Account

  1. Go to the main page https://www.skrill.com/en/ select Register in the upper right corner or click directly here.
  2. Enter your correct personal information and it must match the information on your Passport, ID card or driver’s license in order to successfully verify the account. Personal data that must be filled in such as Full Name, Your email address, Password consists of 8 characters, letters and numbers. Click Register Now to complete registration.
  3. To verify your Skrill account, please do KYC such as Upload Identity Card. Upload anything that shows your identity, you can use an ID card, driver’s license, passport, or something else.
  4. The Verification process is 1-2 days, the purpose of Verification is so that your Skrill account can be used for transfers or transactions. Without KYC you can still make income and payments but the amount is limited. Just can’t make a transfer to a bank account.


How to Deposit at Skrill

  1. Choose a deposit from Credit or Debit card so the funds will be transferred to your account after 15-20 minutes. Click the Deposit Now button as shown below.
  2. Enter your Visa/Master card information including Card number, Expiry month/year, Three security digits on the back of the card, and Click Add Card & Continue.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit into Skrill, the minimum Deposit is $1.13 USD. Then click Next.


Done, now you have a Skrill account that can be used for financial transactions.

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