Tutorial How to Extract Files RAR ZIP

How to Extract Files RAR ZIP 7Z or ISO

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How to Extract Filesย on Windows | Mac OS | Linux | Android | iOs

For those of you who often search for files on the Internet, you often find files with formats or extensions such as .RAR .ZIP .7Z or ISO, maybe even .001 files? Why should the file be shaped like that? Because in order to make it easier to send or receive files in large numbers. So the purpose of making such a file is to combine several files in 1, for example there are 10 files extracted into one. So that files can be easily uploaded or downloaded without having to go one by one. The most important thing is that we know the How to Extract Files by extracting it.


Tutorial How to Extract Files

To be able to open and extract files with RAR, ZIP, 7Z, ISO formats, a software is needed. It is recommended to use Winrar but besides that there are other software such as:

  • 7Zip
  • WinZip
  • PowerISO
  • UltraZip

Why choose Winrar because the Extract process is fast, files are always safe and not damaged, and solve the problem of corrupt files.


Get Install Winrar Latest Version

Make sure you are using the latest version of Winrar, visit the official website at https://www.win-rar.com/. Choose based on the OS used, there are Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android or iOs. Choose the top that is usually the most recent and updated version. After that you install as usual, check the checklist for all file types so that Winrar can be used to access various file types.

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3 Method How to Extract Files

After winrar is installed, it’s time to start extracting the files. Open File Manager then look for files with RAR, ZIP, ISO, or other extensions. Then you click the file, then right click. Later, 3 options will appear with the Winrar logo or icon. The three options have differences.

  1. Extract Files… – Extract files by specifying the extracted location. So later you will be directed to the display to choose a location to save the extracted results.
  2. Extract Here – Instantly and quickly, all extracted files are stored the same as RAR/ZIP files, many extracted files will appear without folders.
  3. Extract to [Name Folder] – Extract directly in the same location save the RAR/ZIP file but the difference will be included with the new folder. So that the files will be stored neatly complete with folders in the same location.

How to Extract Files RAR ZIP 7Z or ISO

What if the RAR or ZIP file is encrypted? Before starting the extract, a column will appear where you can enter the password. Make sure you know the password because otherwise the file cannot be opened.

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