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Free Backlinks for Beginners

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Free Backlinks to Improve Website or Blog

Complaints when first creating a website is the difficulty of getting visitors (Visitors). One of the ways to do this is to build backlinks to increase rankings on search engines like Google. What exactly are backlinks and their relationship to search engines? Find the answer here, besides that, it also discusses paid backlinks with Free Backlinks.



About Free Backlinks and Paid

Backlinks are links or links from one website to another website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links, incoming links and one way links, which means incoming links and one-way links. Websites with good backlinks will get positive reviews from Google and other search engines. This is because backlinks can be a marker if a website can be trusted and has quality content.
That’s why websites with quality backlinks often get top positions on search pages. Like for example, Rihils who get backlinks from various other websites. The link leads directly to the website and that is what is called a backlink. To get it, some are difficult (paid) and some are free only by email. It is highly recommended that beginners who want to increase SERP can try using free backlinks.

Paid Backlinks – we pay some money to the website owner so that we are given access to plant Backlinks there.

Free Backlinks – given free for some backlinks, you are required to register using email, later if the website has developed you can update it to get more backlinks.

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Usually for new websites will use the Free version.ย Backlinks can be used on all types of websites, be it Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Joomdi, Google Sites, or others.



Types of Backlinks

There are 2 types of Backlinks that must be known, the most common and have significant differences.

Nofollow Backlink

If you want to embed a link on a piece of content, but don’t want search engines to visit that link, you can use a nofollow backlink. By using the nofollow tag, you will tell search engines to ignore existing links. This tag is usually used on links that have no effect on increasing the ranking or visibility of your website in the SERP.


Dofollow Free Backlinks

Dofollow is the type of backlink that all website owners want. The reason is, this type of link will allow search engines to visit the link in question so that it can be indexed quickly. Dofollow links can provide referral traffic to the targeted website and help increase its ranking and visibility in the SERPs.



Benefits of Backlinks

As explained earlier if there are Paid Backlinks and of course many people are willing to spend money for it. This shows that backlinks are very important, here are the benefits of backlinks for a website:

Speed โ€‹โ€‹up indexing

Search engines work by crawling websites on a regular basis, then indexing them from the crawled results. This task is carried out by the crawler bot by tracing each link contained on each website it visits.


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Increase Organic Traffic

When your website appears on the first page of search engines, it will certainly make it easier for millions of people to find your website. It provides the opportunity to get more visitors.


Increase Domain Authority (DA)

Backlinks are one of the factors that can increase the Domain Authority (DA) of a website. DA itself is used as a matrix to measure the overall strength of the website.


Increase Page Authority (PA)

Backlinks or backlinks are one of the most popular basic SEO matrix assessments. Where, websites with good backlinks will increase the value of Page Authority (PA).


Building a Website Reputation

Websites with lots of backlinks will be considered quite popular websites by search engines. Meanwhile, when you type a keyword in the address bar, Google tends to provide search results from popular websites with good backlinks in them.


Websites More Trusted

Gaining the trust of internet users because apart from being easy to find, it has also become a recommendation from search engines. People will believe it and may start following your website or subscribe via email to get the latest information/posts from your site.


Free Backlinks to Improve Website or Blog

How to Get Backlinks

There are several ways to get Backlinks, if you have money you can buy Backlink Services. But if you don’t have the funds for it, you can use this method.

1. Create Quality Content

By creating quality content, people will easily use your website as a reference and provide backlinks to your website. Usually quality content will be shared and made recommendations by other websites. And usually will also include the source that comes from your website.


2. Comments on Other Websites

Next is to provide comments accompanied by links on other websites, this is an instant and fast way to get Free Backlinks. Use words that match the article then provide a link that is not excessive. Insert 1 link between several words, give positive comments with polite speech.


3. Join Forum / Create Account to Get Free Backlinks

There are also many quality websites such as Groups or Social Media, create an account there then complete your Profile. In the Bio section, you can insert a backlink for your website.


4. Free Backlinks from 24/7 Sites

You can also use the Site Service 24:7 to get more than 1,200 Backlinks. You only need to use email, you can get that many backlinks. Don’t worry because the backlinks generated are good and quality. The generated backlinks are in the form of links planted in Forums, Social Media, News Websites, Discussion Groups. If interested, you can click the following link to visit the official website. (CLICK HERE)


5. Free Backlinks from Blog Directory

The last thing is to join the Directory website, later you will share short articles. Include links that point to your website, this is a free and easy way to get quality backlinks. Also known as the manual method, it takes time but the results are good.



That’s information about how to get Free Backlinks, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who just have a website. Or maybe those who have been building a website for a long time but there is no progress can try to start building quality backlinks.


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