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How to add Plugin WordPress in these 3 ways

For those of you who are the first to create a website using WordPress, you should know that one of the best features is the presence of Plugins. Useful to make it easier for us to manage websites, besides that Plugins are also useful for changing the appearance of the web. Plugins are needed to be able to support the content of the managed website. Therefore, in creating a professional website, not a few webmasters spend big to be able to use it. But for you WordPress users, especially beginners, installing Plugin WordPress is not a difficult thing.


How to Add & Install Plugin WordPress


Tutorial Install Plugin WordPress

Plugins can only be used if you buy hosting, if you use a subdomain it can’t. You have to upgrade or at least buy Hosting and Domain then install WordPress. Later there is a Plugins feature, you can add it there.

1. Using the Search Method

The easiest way is to use the built-in features of WordPress. Research and check on the WordPress Dashboard then you see the Plugins feature. Hover the mouse there then select “Add New”, later you will see a lot of Plugins. A list of the most popular and most installed Plugins will appear. You can check if there is a plugin you need, if not, use the search field to find the plugin you need. If you don’t have one, you can search for Premium Plugin sites such as CodeCanyon, Wp-Plugin, or other plugin stores.

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2. Upload WordPress Plugin

If you have a ZIP-shaped Plugin that comes from outside. To add it, you can use the Upload Plugin feature. It is located above the middle, go to Plugin Menu > Add New > Upload Plugin. Make sure the plugin file has a .zip extension so that it can be installed on WordPress. If an error occurs, you should check whether the file is missing, the file is corrupt, or the file may be damaged.



3. Upload Plugin WordPress via FTP

The second way to install the WordPress plugin is manually. This method requires the help of a third-party application called FileZilla (FTP). Upload the compressed file in .ZIP format. Then extract the file on your computer. By extracting the zip file, the data contained in it will immediately turn into a new folder with the same name as the plugin file name. The files contained in this folder will then be uploaded manually using FTP on the website. To upload it, please access the FTP application and enter the FTP username and password. If you don’t know the two data, you can contact the WordPress hosting provider where you bought the hosting. After logging in to the FTP account, please check the following folder in the website folder/wp-content/plugins. Then upload the folder that you extracted earlier to the /wp-content/plugins folder on your hosting server. Usually this method is used if the Upload Plugin fails even though there are no errors in the file. With this trick, it can be said that the file is directly inserted into the website folder without going through the installation process on WordPress. So there is almost a 99% chance that it will work.


Manage Plugin WordPress


You can manage Plugins in the “Installed Plugin” menu. There you can deactivate the plugin, delete the plugin, update the plugin, or maybe upgrade the plugin to the PREMIUM or PRO version.


The easiest way is Add New and Upload Plugin.

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