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Emulator Nintendo 3DS – Get Install & Play

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Guide Install Emulator Nintendo 3DS on PC Laptop

Thousands of Nintendo 3DS games can now be played on PCs and Laptops, and can even be played on Android or iOS. Using Emulator Nintendo 3DS you can play 3DS games on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. A good news considering that there are so many exciting 3DS Games but not available on PC or Laptop. Now all these games can be played smoothly thanks to the 3DS emulator. How to ? Please read this post to the end.


About Emulator Nintendo 3DS

Before you install the emulator, you should first check the required specifications, because if it is not adequate, it can lag and even hang.

โœฝ Minimum Specifications Windows

Operating System: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz
CPU Type: 32bit (86bit) or 64bit
Memory RAM: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon X1300
Hard Drive: 500 MB available space


โœฝ Minimum Specifications Mac OS

Operating System: Apple MacOS, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra / High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
CPU Type : 32/64-bit(Intel Core Duo CPU, 2GHz or faster recommended)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk Space : 500 MB Free Disk Space

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It’s quite light because with 2GB of RAM, you can run the emulator and play Nintendo 3DS games.



How to Install Emulator Nintendo 3DS

To be able to play Nintendo 3DS games on a PC, you need to use the Citra 3DS emulator. This emulator has good performance, so you don’t have to worry about crashing. You can play various 3DS games via PC easily. Citra 3DS has various advantages, one of which is that it can run games with a higher resolution than the original 3DS console.
In addition, adjustments can also be made regarding the graphics of the game being played. This will make fun in playing Nintendo 3DS games. However, you still have to adjust to the PC that is used to play the game.

  1. The first step, you need to download the Citra 3DS emulator first. This emulator is available for free, and can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Just visit the official website at
  2. After the Citra 3DS emulator has been successfully downloaded, you can directly install it. The process is not much different from installing applications in general.
  3. To start the configuration, you need to open the Citra 3DS emulator. Then click the Emulator menu, then click again on the Configure option. There will be several configuration options ranging from General, System, Graphics to Control. For this time, you only need to focus on adjusting the Graphics and Controls.
    In the Graphics section you can also set various things, from the speed percent limit, resolution to the hardware renderer. While in the Control section, you can adjust the controls with the keyboard you are using.

Tutorial Install Emulator Nintendo 3DS

Next you have to search for Roms or Nintendo 3DS games, you can use search engines like Google to search for them.

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