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Open Unknown Files using Tools

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Tricks How to Open Unknown Files and Know the Type

With so many different types of files around these days, it’s important that every file you try to open or execute is correctly identified by Windows or Mac OS. This is usually achieved by looking at the file extension of .exe or .jpg for example, and when you double click on one of those files, the system knows what the file is and what to do with it. It’s possibly happened to you before that you download or receive a file and it has no extension at all or something rather obscure that doesn’t look correct. In that case, the file could be an executable, an Office document or an MP4, or a zip archive. The possibilities are almost endless as to the extension you could give a file when you don’t know what it really is. How about Open Unknown Files ?

There are hundreds of files that we don’t all know, such as .001, .TAR, .RNO formats and many others. To be able to access and open the file, information is needed to identify the type of file and then find out what software can open the file. For that there is an easy and fast way to identify an unknown file.



How to Open Unknown Files

Get Information about Open Unknown Filesย Using Internet

Type the file name in the Google search engine, it will display detailed information about the file. But usually we have to look for a manual regarding what software should be used to access the file. But this method is the most practical and fast because it only uses the Internet and a browser.


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Using TriID / TrIDNet

TriID is probably the most comprehensive and well known file identification utility around. It’s also still in active development so missing file types can be added in the future. It is essentially split into three different parts. First, you have the TrID command line tool, then there’s the TrIDNet graphical user interface. Finally, you have the definitions database that holds information for over 13,000 file types. Launch TriIDNet and drop a file onto the window or browse for one. The program will give you a percentage of likely file types it could be. The highest percentage is what it thinks is the most likely. Double click near the arrow to open a window with more information about the type of file. If you put the defs folder elsewhere, you can manually browse for it and scan in the definitions at the bottom. Get accurate file information and know whether the file is important or not. Do not play delete and it turns out that the file is important data that has changed its format due to a virus.



Use FileType Tools

Next is to use the Premium FileTypes tool to get very detailed information about a file. In addition, you will also get some recommendations for software that can be used to open the file. Directed directly to the official website to get the latest version of the Program. Later the program is used to open files that could not be opened before. After that you can see the contents of the file.


How to Check and Open Unknown Files



That’s how to open and find out an unknown or unreadable file in Windows or Mac OS. It is highly recommended to use this method before you decide to delete the file. Especially if you are a worker or entrepreneur, don’t let important data files be lost because you are careless without checking them first.

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