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Information About DLC & Updates on Video Games PC Laptop or Console

Now many games are always releasing updates in the form of DLC, Expansion Pack, Season Pass, or maybe Patches. The goal is to provide new things in the game so that it can be played again when the game is over. In addition, the goal is for players not to get bored if there are additional items and new characters in the game. Many games that issue separate updates, some are given for free, some are paid. So what’s the difference between all these types of updates? The following is a brief explanation of DLC & Updates that all Gamers must know.

DLC & Updates on Video Games



About DLC & Updates

With such an update file, it is certainly a new experience in playing games. Especially if we really like the game, of course we will be very happy if there is the Latest Update. Here are some types of updates that are in the game, whether it’s a PC game or a console.

Expansion Pack

Expansion Pack is additional content from a game that is only distributed by game developers. The types of additional content provided usually include modes, features, stories, objects and game gameplay. The Expansion Pack comes as a complement to the finished game and can only be accessed if gamers already have the main game first. The only way to use the Expansion Pack from this game is to simply download the Expansion Pack which will then be automatically linked to the main account and game device. The Expansion Pack has a characteristic type of package that is side and has a major connection with the game’s storyline but is still not part of the game’s sequel.

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Season Pass

For those who are less familiar, the season pass is an additional feature that can be obtained by spending a certain nominal amount. By purchasing a season pass, gamers no longer need to pay for additional DLC in the future. Season passes generally offer a lower price if you purchase all of the content on them separately. However, back to the need, whether the content is really needed or not.


DLC & Updates

Downloadable Content or abbreviated as DLC is additional content from a game that is distributed by game developers or content creators (3rd party). The types of DLC are generally in the form of character level boosters, limited characters, limited skins, limited mode, limited items, limited mode, limited extra story, and others. The only way to use the DLC from this game is to download the DLC which will then be automatically linked to the main account and game device.ย DLC has a characteristic type of package that is additional and does not have a major connection with the storyline or the sequel to the game.


Patch Games

Patch is a program developed, to update a game. The types of updates obtained can be in the form of bug fixes, addition of game features, updates based on a certain period, to updates in terms of security. The patch itself is usually available in the installer program. The installer will update the game data automatically. Whereas in online games, patches will be available when we want to open the game.



DLC & Updatesย function

There are several reasons why games issue File Updates including:

1. Fixing Bugs & Errors

Every application or game must have a bug in it. The difference is, some of these bugs are visible and some are not. Examples such as games do not come out sound. With a patch, the game you are playing will be re-programmed to find the location of the bug. Then the developer will fix it so that the bugs in the game disappear. For this bug, sometimes developers look for it themselves, and sometimes it comes from feedback from players.


2. Adding Features in Games

Not only patching game deficiencies, patches also serve to add new features. The existence of this new feature is intended to improve the gameplay to make it better. For example, suppose there is a game that has a rank system. Well, in the next patch there is a leaderboard feature that allows someone to find the best players in the game.

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3. DLC & Updates for Adding Game Content

In addition to features, patches also function to add content, such as new events and gameplay in a game. The existence of a new event in the game, is intended to make the players not get bored quickly. As for gameplay, usually in the form of adding abilities to items, new characters from the game, adding levels, and much more.


4. Changing Game Appearance

Although rare, patch updates sometimes make the appearance of the game change, and these changes can vary. For example, changes to the character design, the addition of effects, music, background to the menu arrangement in the game.


5. Security Enhanced Features

Finally, game patches also serve to add security. This security addition is usually in terms of data. For example, from the game data, so as not to be exposed to malware. For online games, security patches are intended to keep user data safe. Especially the data as well as the user’s username and password. In addition, additional features to prevent Cheat in online games.


That’s information about File Updates in the game along with their functions. Hopefully useful and a reference for you gamers.

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