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Walkthrough & Cheatsย Explanation on Games

When a new game is released it will be the biggest search on the Internet. Which is followed by Walkthrough & Cheats both in Search Engines, Websites, Forums, even in the form of Videos such as Youtube. Especially if the game being played is in the form of a difficult game, surely people will find a way by trying to use Walkthrough and Cheats. What is it really? Why gamers are looking for it, here is a brief explanation.

Walkthrough & Cheats on Games


Function Walkthrough & Cheats

The reason why many people like to play games is to get Entertainment and maybe fill spare time. Instead of being bored, some choose to watch movies, browse, play social media, and play games. But sometimes those who want to get fun from playing games instead become emotional because it is difficult and always loses. There are also those who are bored and choose to delete the game because they are frustrated that they can’t finish it. To overcome this, you can try using Walkthrough & Cheats so that it can help in playing games.


Advantages of using Walkthrough & Cheats

Below are some of the advantages when you use Walkthrough in a game, including the following:

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  • You can get to know more about the steps that will be taken for each game level
  • Knowing what to do when at a certain Level
  • You can choose important items for a game
  • Knowing the Characters in the Game
  • How to solve a Puzzle or Find a way out
  • Knowing Weaknesses and how to defeat Enemies including Bosses in the Game
  • You will not be confused when playing any game
  • It’s faster and easier to complete missions in a game
  • Guide to completing certain Tasks, Missions or Levels


Disadvantages of using Walkthrough & Cheats

Furthermore, after you know what are the advantages when using Walkthrough, then below are the disadvantages when you play games but still use game guides including:

  • Don’t have playing skills because everyone is helped
  • Always easy to give up in playing games
  • Losing Adrenaline and challenges while playing
  • You will become a gamer who lacks initiative
  • Game will end faster
  • When playing the game you will get bored quickly
  • There is no impression after finishing the game because it’s easy
  • Will be addicted when using Walkthrough



Walkthrough & Cheats Difference

It has similarities to make it easier to play the game but in form and function it is different. You need to know about the explanation and benefits.

About Walkthrough

Walkthrough is a guide in a game to make it easier for players to get to know more about the storyline of the game and usually this term is also called a guide that will make it easier when playing the game so that they can freely complete the game without having to struggle to lose. in the middle of the road. In addition, Walkthrough provides guidance for completing certain Missions or Levels, containing complete information to make it easier. It can be in the form of Books, Ebooks, PDF Texts, and now many are in the form of Videos.


Cheat Games

Cheat is a method used to cheat in games, usually used by players to complete the game very easily. It is safer to use in offline games that are played alone, if cheats in online games usually will not last long because the account will be permanently banned. So it is not recommended to use Cheats in Online Games, because in addition to endangering accounts, it also harms other people and makes the game not fun. In Offline Games usually Cheats will give Unlimited Items, Unlimited Money/Gold, Unlock Characters, All Weapons in the Game are open, All Levels are Open. There is even a cheat that instantly makes the game end so that everything that is locked is unlocked. Unlike Walkthrough which only provides instructions and guides, cheats change all items and characters in the game.


How to get

You can find it on Google or other search engines, you can also use Youtube. Usually many gamers provide information about Walkthrough & Cheats. The easiest way to get the Walkthrough is in the form of videos on Youtube or Ebooks. While Cheats usually searches search engines and sites because it is a file.


The use of Walkthrough & Cheats has its advantages and disadvantages, but as a suggestion it is better to play for entertainment. More fun when playing normally without using Walkthrough and Cheats. When it’s over it feels different than using Walkthrough or Cheats-type help.

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