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Best and most Recommended Digital Comic Reader Software

Do you often read Digital Comics? Reading List is like a cartoon. manga, ebook, novel, now everything is digital. So that it can be read anywhere and anytime, there is no need to worry about the book being damaged, dirty, torn, or wet because everything is stored in the form of a file. Can be opened via a computer (PC), laptop, notebook, smartphone, or tablet. For a more exciting reading experience we recommend using Digital Comic Reader Software. All features such as a Gallery that displays Covers, Marking Pages, Slide Styles when moving pages, and many other interesting features.



Top Best Digital Comic Reader Software

1. CDDisplayEx

CDisplayEx is software that allows you to get easy and comfortable reading, like opening a comic lying in front of you. What’s more, this application also has various basic features needed by manga lovers such as reading from right to left, magnify (enlarge the image), scroll, as well as the ability to open compressed files such as RAR, ZIP, or CBZ. The advantage of this application is the interface is simple and easy to use.


2. pviewers Software Digital Comic Reader Software

pViewer is a small free application that has a number of features such as showing files as slideshows, reading EXIF โ€‹โ€‹data from images, adding basic effects to images through the built-in image editor, keyboard shortcuts for hovering comic pages. The app can also support reading comics that have ZIP, CBR and CBZ file formats, and offers separate modes for manga and comics. What is the difference between manga and comics? It’s just about the order. Manga is read from right to left while comics are read from left to right.

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One of the other features of pviewer is that it can be used as an image viewer and a simple editor. You can view photos in either window or full screen mode. You can Flip, Rotate or Resize images, and apply several effects to images such as Invert, Grayscale, Add Black and white borders.


3. ComicSeer

ComicSeer lets you directly read comics in compressed formats (ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR) in a flexible and attractive viewer. This application also supports Windows and Linux platforms. One of the advantages that make this application superior is: it can read comics in ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR formats, so you can save storage space on your hard drive by compressing all your manga and comic files, then if you miss it, just read it with this application.


4. MangaMeeya

It is a simple manga reader software, but offers an experience similar to reading conventional manga. For example, the animation of the movement of turning a book that makes you feel as if you are reading a real book, the flexibility to adjust the reading mode from left to right or vice versa, and much more.ย MangaMeeya can also be operated via Hotkeys so you can use your keyboard to operate this software.


5. ComicRack

ComicRack offers features that are sure to make mangascan fans drool. ComicRack supports a variety of popular formats for comics and manga, while also adding various navigation capabilities to your comic collection in a three-panel interface. You can search for your collection in the bottom panel and read the comics and manga you want from the top panel.

Another innovative feature of this manga reader software is, not only reading manga in CBZ files, this application can even create CBZ files from your manga collection, so you can add them in the ‘library’ (Library) where you store your comic collection.


Best Digital Comic Reader Software


Tips for Choosing Digital Comic Reader Software

When choosing software to read ebooks or digital comics, there is a gallery feature that makes it easy to organize comics based on cover. In addition to the navigation feature to go to the next page or to the previous page.

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That’s the best Digital Comic Reader Software list that can be an option for those of you who like to read Digital books such as Comics, Novels, or other readings.

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