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Tekken – As with many fighting games, players choose a character from a lineup and engage in hand-to-hand combat with an opponent. Traditional fighting games are usually played with buttons which correspond to the strength of the attack, such as strong punch or weak kick. Tekken, however, dedicates a button to each of the four limbs of the fighter. The gameplay system includes blocks, throws, escapes, and ground fighting. In the original Tekken, players could only block attacks manually. From then on, starting with Tekken 2, characters automatically block while not moving forward or performing actions, a feature called “neutral guard.” Standing or retreating characters will block high and middle attacks with no input from the player, while crouching characters will duck high attacks and block low ones. Normal middle attacks will hit crouching players, but some special mid-attacks can be blocked by both stand and crouching neutral guards. Meanwhile, pressing backwards will give the player an “active guard” that can withstand certain combo attacks that would normally penetrate the neutral guard. Some characters are equipped with parries and reversals that act like traditional “press button to block” systems.


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Get the Game Tekken All Series Complete Full Version (No Demo | No Trial)


1. Tekken 1
2. Tekken 2
3. Tekken 3
4. Tekken 4
5. Tekken 5
6. Tekken Tag Tournament
7. Tekken Dark Resurrection
8. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
9. Tekken 3D Prime Edition
10. Tekken 6
11. Tekken 7
12. Tekken vs Street Fighters include :
• Street Fighter X Tekken – Additional 12 Characters Pack (DLC)
• Street Fighter X Tekken – Street Fighter Swap Costume Complete Pack (DLC)
• Street Fighter X Tekken – Tekken Swap Costume Complete Pack (DLC)

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  • Game Tested Work 100% Smoothly Install
  • Full Version (Not Trial | Not Demo)
  • Easy Install (Equipped with an Install Guide)
  • Full DLC Complete Edition
  • Files Protected against Viruses
  • Sent in DIGITAL form via Email (InstantFREE SHIPPING)
  • Not a DVD or a Physical Object
  • Play on Computer (PC), Laptop, or Notebook (Check Specifications)
  • Can be installed repeatedly on different Computers or Laptops



  • Operating System (OS): Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Bit: x32bit (86bit) or x64bit
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Minimum RAM: 1-2 GB
  • HDD Space: 7 GB
  • (Check Specifications for DETAIL)



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Game Tekken ALL Series


Game Tekken – get the Game Tekken All Series Complete collection, play it on your favorite Computer (PC), Laptop or Notebook. Play all the series, get them at low prices at the Rihils Store.


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12 Series Game

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