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Total Wars – Like its predecessors, Total War Saga: Troy is a turn-based strategy game with real-time tactics elements. The game is set in the Bronze Age, during the Trojan War, though its scope also covers the surrounding Aegean civilizations. Real-time battles take place in large sandboxes, and players can command the infantry, hero units[a] as well as mystical beasts as they battle opponent forces. There are a total of eight heroes representing the two factions (the Trojans and the Achaeans), and each hero has two unique abilities that can be used during battles. As the player progress in the game, they can also build their relationship with the Greek gods. If the approval ratings with the Gods are high enough, the player would gain gameplay benefits. Outside of battles, players also need to collect sufficient resources, such as wood, bronze and food, in order to keep the army running. Agents return in Troy, and players can send priests and spies to infiltrate hostile cities.


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1. Total War Rome I include:
• Barbarian Invasion (DLC)
2. Total War Rome I REMASTERED include:
• Improved Visuals (DLC)
• Modern Featuress (DLC)
• Enchanced Game Mechanics (DLC)
3. Total War Rome II include:
• Greek States Culture Pack (DLC)
• Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack (DLC)
• Seleucid Empire Faction Pack (DLC)
• Blood & Gore (DLC)
• Caesar in Gaul (DLC)
• Baktria Faction (DLC)
• Beasts of War (DLC)
• Hannibal at the Gates (DLC)
• Pirates & Raiders (DLC)
• Daughters of Mars (DLC)
• Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack (DLC)
• Augustus Campaign Pack (DLC)
• Wrath of Sparta (DLC)
• Massilia Faction (DLC)
• Empire Divided (DLC)
• Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack (DLC)
• Rise of the Republic Campaign Pack (DLC)
4. Total War Attila include:
• Viking Forefathers (DLC)
• Blood & Burning (DLC)
• Longbeards Culture Pack (DLC)
• Celts Culture Pack (DLC)
• The Last Roman Campaign Pack (DLC)
• Empires of Sand Culture Pack (DLC)
• Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack (DLC)
• Slavic Nations Culture Pack (DLC)
5. Total War Medieval I include:
• Viking Invansion (DLC)
• Europe, the Middle East and Africa (DLC)
6. Total War Medieval II include:
• Kingdoms (DLC)
• Eastern History (DLC)
• Western History (DLC)
• Europe, Africa, and Middle East (DLC)
• New World (DLC)
7. Total War Empire I include:
• Empire: Total War – The Warpath Campaign (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Elite Units of America (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Elite Units of the East (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Elite Units of the West (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Special Forces Units (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Dahomey Amazons Unit (DLC)
• Empire: Total War – Death’s Head Hussars Unit (DLC)
8. Total War Troy Saga include:
• Palace in Sparta (DLC)
• Achilles and Odysseus (DLC)
• Greek & Trojan (DLC)
9. Total War Britannia include:
• Scotland Kings (DLC)
• King Will Rise (DLC)
• Glory of Saxons (DLC)
• Gaelic Clans (DLC)
10. Total War Three Kingdoms include:
• China in 190CE (DLC)
• Unite China (DLC)
• Glorius Conquest (DLC)
11. Total War Napoleon Imperial include:
• Peninsular Campaign (DLC)
• Coalition Battle Pack (DLC)
• Imperial Guard Pack (DLC)
• Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars (DLC)
12. Total War Shogun 1
13. Total War Shogun 2 include:
• Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack (DLC)
• The Hattori Clan Pack (DLC)
• The Ikko Ikki Clan Pack (DLC)
• Saints and Heroes Unit Pack (DLC)
• Otomo Clan Pack (DLC)
• Dragon War Battle Pack (DLC)
• Rise of the Samurai Campaign (DLC)
• Blood Pack (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai – The Saga Faction Pack (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai – The Obama Faction Pack (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai – The Tsu Faction Pack (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai – The Sendai Faction Pack (DLC)
• Fall of the Samurai Blood Pack (DLC)
14. Total War Warhammer I include:
• Bretonnia (DLC)
• Isabella von Carstein (DLC)
• Grey Wizard (DLC)
• Jade Wizard (DLC)
• Wurrzag (DLC)
• Grombrindal The White Dwarf (DLC)
• Realm of The Wood Elves (DLC)
• The King and the Warlord (DLC)
• The Grim and the Grave (DLC)
• Call of the Beastmen (DLC)
• Blood for the Blood God (DLC)
• Chaos Warriors Race Pack (DLC)
15. Total War Warhammer II include:
• Faction Conquest (DLC)
• World Campaign (DLC)
• Vivid Fantasy World (DLC)
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  • Operating System (OS): Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Bit: x32bit (86bit) or x64bit
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Minimum RAM: 2-4 GB
  • HDD Space: 17 GB
  • (Check Specifications for DETAIL)



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Games Total War ALL Series


Game Total Wars – get the Game Total Wars All Series Complete collection, play it on your favorite Computer (PC), Laptop or Notebook. Play all the series, get them at low prices at the Rihils Store.


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