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Assassins Creed – The Assassin’s Creed games are centered around one or more fictional members of the Order of the Assassins, whose memories are experienced by an in-game character in the modern-day period through the use of a device called the Animus and its derivations. The Animus allows the user to explore these memories passed down via genetics. Within the context of the game, this provides a diegetic interface to the real-world player of the game, showing them elements like health bars, a mini-map, and target objectives as if presented by the Animus. Additionally, should the player cause the historical character to die or fail a mission, this is rectified as “desynchronization” of the genetic memory, allowing the player to try the mission again. The Animus also imparts special abilities to the modern-day character that helps them to see their target in a crowd or other unique points of interest.


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1. Assassins Creed Chronicles India
2. Assassins Creed Chronicles China
3. Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia

4. Assassins Creed I include:
• Merges Technology (DLC)
• Warrior Conflict (DLC)

5. Assassins Creed II include:
• Altair Outfit (DLC)
• Venecian Cape (DLC)
• Medici Cape (DLC)
• Palazzo Medici (DLC)
• Santa Maria dei Frari (DLC)
• Arsenal Shipyard (DLC)
• Additional Throwing Knives (DLC)
• The Auditore Family Crypt (DLC)
• Battle of Forli (DLC)
• Bonfire of the Vanities (DLC)
• Bonus Skin Dye (DLC)
• PSP Weapons (PS3 exclusive) (DLC)

6. Assassins Creed III include:
• The Infamy (DLC)
• The Betrayal (DLC)
• The Redemption (DLC)
• Benedict Arnold (DLC)
• The Hidden Secrets pack (DLC)
• The Battle Hardened Pack (DLC)

7. Assassins Creed IV Black Flag include:
• Freedom Cry (DLC)
• Aveline (DLC)
• Crusader & Florentine Pack (DLC)
• Death Vessel Pack (DLC)
• Collectibles Pack (DLC)
• Activities Pack (DLC)
• Technology Pack (DLC)
• Resources Pack (DLC)
• Sacrifice Island (DLC)
• Black Island and Mystery Island (DLC)

8. Assassins Creed Unity include:
• Dead Kings (DLC)
• Chemical Revolution (DLC)
• American Prisoner (DLC)
• Killed by Science (DLC)
• Prussian Waistcoat (DLC)
• Siege of Maastright Hood (DLC)
• Leipzig Regiment Hood (DLC)
• National Guard Trousers (DLC)
• Athos Duel Shirt (DLC)
• Black Musketeer Breaches (DLC)
• La Tour d’Auvergne Bracers (DLC)
• Isenburg-Birnstein Belt (DLC)
• Maple Hunting Rifle (DLC)
• Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier (DLC)
• Over Under Pistol (DLC)
• Razor Head Spear (DLC)
• Sabre of Honour (DLC)
• War Axe (DLC)
• ArmorSplitter Axe (DLC)
• Parade Pistol (DLC)
• Pappenheimer Rapier (DLC)
• Hooked Impaler (DLC)
• Silver-Plated Pistol (DLC)
• Arno’s French Rapier (DLC)
• Arno’s Dueling Pistol (DLC)
• French Cavalry Pistol (DLC)
• McFarlane Master Assassin Outfit (DLC)
• Arno’s Fearless Outfit. (DLC)

9. Assassins Creed Brotherhood include:
• Copernicus Conspiracy (DLC)
• The Da Vinci Disappearance (DLC)
• Aqueducts (DLC)
• Trajan Market (DLC)
• Helmschmied Drachen Armor Outfit (DLC)
• Florentine Noble Attire (DLC)
• Armor of Altair (DLC)
• Altair’s Robes (DLC)
• Gun Upgrades (DLC)

10. Assassins Creed Rogue include:
• American Colonies Chaos (DLC)
• Mission Hunter (DLC)

11. Assassins Creed Revelations include:
• The Lost Archive (DLC)
• Vlad the Impaler’s Prison (DLC)
• Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack (DLC)
• The Ancestors Character Pack (DLC)
• Turkish Assassin Armor Outfit (DLC)
• Armor of Brutus Outfit (DLC)
• Altair Skin Outfit (DLC)
• Weapon capacity upgrades for crossbow & pistol & bombs (DLC)

12. Assassins Creed Syndicate include:
• The Last Maharaja (DLC)
• Dreadful Crimes (DLC)
• Jack The Ripper (DLC)
• The Darwin and Dicken’s Conspiracy (DLC)
• Runaway Train (DLC)
• Gold Edition Content (DLC)
• Uplay Rewards Unlocker (DLC)
• Soundtrack (DLC)

13. Assassins Creed Liberation include:
• American Revolution (DLC)
• South Forces (DLC)
• Mortal Freedom (DLC)

14. Assassins Creed Origins include:
• The Curse of the Pharaohs (DLC)
• The Hidden Ones (DLC)
• Mummies Egypt (DLC)

15. Assassins Creed Odyssey include:
• Soundtrack Original (DLC)
• Spartan Hero Destiny (DLC)
• Country of Greece (DLC)
• Hero of Legend (DLC)

16. Assassins Creed Valhalla include:
• Soundtrack (DLC)
• Battle Glory (DLC)
• Vikings Warrior (DLC)
• Barracks of Viking (DLC)

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  • Operating System (OS): Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Bit: x32bit (86bit) or x64bit
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Minimum RAM: 1-4 GB
  • HDD Space: 15 GB
  • (Check Specifications for DETAIL)



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Games Assassins Creed ALL Series


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