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Spec Ops – The player can select from four difficulty levels: Walk on the Beach, Combat Op, Suicide Mission, and the hardest difficulty, FUBAR, which is only unlocked after completing the game on Suicide Mission. Various new weapons and equipment become available as the game progresses, some dropped by downed enemies. These include several different rifles, handguns, and machine guns. Some offer alternate firing modes, like attaching a suppressor or using a telescopic sight. Players can also acquire and make use of grenade launchers, hand grenades, and rocket launchers. However, the player can only carry two weapons at a time. Supply caches can be found in different parts of the game, allowing the player to refill their ammo and grenades. Whenever the player successfully shoots an enemy in the head, the game enters a slow-motion mode for a short period of time. The player can also defeat enemies at close range via melee combat. Dying enemies can be executed, which grants the player additional ammo. Hiding behind cover can provide protection and prevents the player from being shot, as well as providing opportunities to blindfire or lean out to shoot enemies.

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1. Spec Ops Airbone Commando
2. Spec Ops Covert Assault
3. Spec Ops Ranger Elite
4. Spec Ops Stealth Patrol
5. Spec Ops Omega Squad
6. Spec Ops The Line

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  • Play on Computer (PC), Laptop, or Notebook (Check Specifications)
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  • Operating System (OS): Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
  • Bit: x32bit (86bit) or x64bit
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Minimum RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD Space: 5 GB
  • (Check Specifications for DETAIL)



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Games Spec Ops


Game Spec Ops – get the Game Spec Ops All Series Complete collection, play it on your favorite Computer (PC), Laptop or Notebook. Play all the series, get them at low prices at the Rihils Store.


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