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Flash Android and iOS Tutorial

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Tutorial How to Flash Android and iOS to repair Smartphone/Tablet

Flashing or reinstalling this is one of the most powerful solutions to overcome various errors and problems that occur on your smartphone or tablet. If we usually know Reinstall it on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, it turns out that Android and iOS also exist. Usually the Flashing method is used to repair a damaged OS so that the performance of the cellphone becomes slow, hangs often, even worse when the Logo doesn’t enter the Menu. For that identify and get information about Flash Android and iOS.


About Flash

Benefits Flashing OS Android or iOs

But before that, let us know in advance what are the functions and benefits that we can get by reinstalling the smartphone.

  • Slow performance often lags or even hangs when used.
  • Repairing a broken OS may have some files affected by Virus or Malware.
  • Cleans OS Roms after starting like new and removes all corrupted files.
  • To overcome the Android / iOS smartphone that has failed to boot or is known as a bootloop.
  • Fix system bugs or errors on Android / iOS OS.
  • Replacing the stock rom with a custom rom so that the smartphone display becomes more varied.
  • Returning smartphone firmware to stock rom, sometimes if you use a custom rom there will be some very annoying bugs.
  • To return the smartphone to the factory state.



How to Flash Android Phone without PC

Try the easiest way because not everyone has a computer (PC) or laptop. Using a secret key combination which, when combined, can be used to perform a Data Reset. List of key combinations that you can try, if it fails try the second and so on.

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  • Power + Volume Up + Home. (Stand)
  • Power + Volume Up (Hold).
  • Volume Down + Power (Together)
  • Power + Volume Up (Together)
  • Power + Volume Up
  • Volume Down + Volume Up + Power

If that doesn’t work, try looking for a small hole in your Smartphone or Tablet then stab with a needle until it reads “Track”. Prick a few times to make sure the Reset button has been pressed, then try running your Smartphone/Tablet.



How to Flash an Android/iOs Smartphone on a Computer or Laptop

If the above method does not work, it is certain that the Roms OS has experienced severe problems. Maybe some files are Corrupt or Damaged so the Phone can’t work. If left unchecked, it may result in total death, therefore it must be repaired immediately by replacing the OS with Tools. This method can only be done via a PC or laptop because it uses a program that is installed via a PC.

There are not too many materials and applications needed for flashing and we can also get them easily on the internet. Please look for the following materials on the internet:

  1. Tools Odin Application is directly downloaded on the official website
  2. Firmware / ROM according to the type of smartphone respectively. On Google very much so no need to worry.
  3. Android USB Driver application (Mandatory) to connect Smartphone/Tablet, even when it’s turned off it can detect your cell phone


Tutorial Flash Android and iOS Latest


Then open the Odin application that you installed earlier, Connect the cellphone to the computer with USB. Usually Odin will immediately detect your device. After that click on the PDA section, then find and select the ROM or firmware file that you downloaded earlier. Usually it will be in md5 format, if it is still in archive form, please extract it first with winrar.
Wait until the file enters Odin, after that you just press Start to start the flashing / reinstallation process on the Android smartphone. After a green sign appears in the upper left corner, immediately unplug the USB from the computer. The flashing process has been completed, but sometimes after this the smartphone will bootloop. Follow the tutorial below to solve the bootloop. Enter recovery mode by pressing the power button + home + volume up for a few seconds. After vibrating please release the power button and keep holding the home + vol up button until it enters recovery mode.

After entering recovery mode, please move the selection with the volume buttons. Select on wipe data/factory reset and also wipe cache partition. Use the home button to select /ok.


Done, now your Android / iOS Phone has been replaced with Roms OS in it so that its performance will return to the same as when you first bought it. This trick always works to solve software problems in the cellphone as long as what is damaged is not the LCD, Components, Batteries, then it can be repaired with the Flash method.

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